PROXYRABBIT JAPAN : Package Consolidation Service

Group multiple orders together and ship internationally as one package!

The Package Consolidation Service allows you to group multiple orders ( more than 5 items) together and ship them into one bigger box.

What are the benefits of consolidation?
  • Save up to 50% in international shipping compared to shipping packages individually from retailers
  • You reduce shipping costs without compromising quality
  • Service very easy to use !
  • One package = One tracking number!

Consolidation fee
  • Up to 4 packages : ¥300 (fixed fee)
  • More than 4 packages : ¥500 (fixed fee)

How it works?

Consolidation service : 3 packages Consolidation service : 5 packages
Handling fee for 1 package :  ¥300 Handling fee for 1 package :   ¥300
Consolidation fee : ¥300 Consolidation fee : ¥500
Total : ¥600 Total : ¥800

  • Maximum number of Items per package : 10
  • The package cannot be changed once the application has been made.
    Once the consolidation process for the orders is proceeded, you cannot cancel add more items in that order. If you want to add more items, you need to make new order and request combined shipment. Please keep this in mind before applying.

Items NOT eligible for consolidation
  • Total cost of items selected for consolidation is more than ¥40,000 JPY
  • irregular sizes or fragile items : golf clubs, guitars and amp, umbrellas, laundry poles, skateboards, walking sticks, etc.