Save up to 70% on international shipping without compromising quality Service!

If you’re looking to ship more than one order, why not take advantage of our consolidation and combine services to save on shipping costs? If you want to shop in Japan but don’t want to spend a premium on shipping multiple items, then our consolidation and combine service is for you! We’ll hold onto your packages for up to 30 days free of charge if you want us to use that option. After the initial 30 days period, it’ll cost 500 JPY (flat fee).

So what do the consolidation  service looks like?

  • Up to 5 orders / 30 Days : FREE
  • 5 orders and more / maximum 10 items / over 30 days: 500 JPY (flat fee)
  • Fragile items will be shipped separately
  • Shipping and Support: 7 days-a-week

Our goal is to get you the lowest shipping rates possible, so we consolidate your purchases for free.