It's a lot of fun to play and once you get in the groove, you'll discover why people flock to flea markets.

 1. Copy the complete product link from MERCARI or FRIL/RAKUMA

2. Paste product link in the space provided. Specify size, and color. Add notes for more instructions or special requests.

3. Complete your information. Select your payment.

For payments via PayPal, make sure your designated shipping address is the same as on your PayPal account address. Then, submit your orders.

4. Our Customer Service Team will send you update within 12 hours.

Start Shopping

Flea markets are filled with great bargains that are just waiting to be snatched up. 

Flea market tip #1: think about the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item before you start purchasing.

Flea market tip #2: go fast ... but not too fast. Don’t send your request if you aren’t serious about making a purchase.

The minimum transaction amount must be greater than 400 JPY per item