PROXY RABBIT JAPAN is an online proxy shopping service


Proxy Rabbit Japan lets you shop online at popular Japanese stores. You can shop hassle-free at Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Surugaya, Bandai Japan, Mercari, or bid on Yahoo Auctions!


Let us subscribe for you and place orders and pre-orders on your behalf. Your orders will be combined and held until you are ready to receive them. Japan Post ships your package at the lowest rates.

4 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

Since 2008, Proxy Rabbit Japan has been a pioneer in the Japanese proxy buying market. We provide the best customer service and more! we respond to your request friendly and quickly. Ans most of all, we keep our promises.

Attention to details

Our attention to the small stuff, timely shipments, and preorder management make us stand out from the rest. We are creative while keeping a close eye on the delays and your budget. You can count on us to follow your orders. 

Our top priority is you

You want results. The only way to get them is to work hard, even if you are already satisfied. We do not care about our competitors. Our efforts are focused on your needs.

Our experience

We have founded Proxy Rabbit Japan in 2008. We have seen a lot of aggressive competitors. Where are they? While we are still there, we work hard, and we continue to gain more knowledge about the Japanese market and the value of Japanese goods. Enjoy!

Exceptional customer service at an affordable price

No surprise bills. No hidden fees. Any unexpected or additional charges (generally, cash on delivery charges or shipping costs) need to be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.

Proxy Rabbit Japan is usually the cheapest. Let's compare !

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