Leaving Feedback for Sellers on Proxy Rabbit Japan

We need your Feedback

Every time you buy something through PRJ, you have the opportunity to leave positive, neutral or negative feedback about your transaction,
the retailer's performance on things like the delivery time and shipping costs.

How do I leave feedback?

1. Go to : https://www.proxyrabbitjapan.com/terms-of-use/leaving-feedback-for-sellers-on-proxy-rabbit-japan/
2. Tap “I’ve received my item” and select an overall feedback rating – positive, neutral, or negative
3. Write a comment about your experience
Note: You have 30 days from the date of your order to leave your rating and comments.

What happens if I leave negative feedback?

If you decide to leave negative feedback, make sure it's fair, factual, and relates specifically to your transaction with the seller.
Feedback is not a review of the product you bought.

Can anyone leave feedback?

Only PRJ customers members can leave feedback.