e-CAPCOM Limited Edition - Fate / EXTELLA REGALIA BOX for PlayStation 4

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Manufacturer : Marvelous Entertainment
Limited Edition : e-Capcom / Japanese Edition, Brand New
-PS 4 Fate/EXTELLA - Region FREE
-Wada Arco new illustration gorgeous box
-Fate/EXTELLA material
-Gilgamesh outfit reitetsu muketsu no kanshuchou ishou product code [First Comers Bonus]
-Nero Claudius, Altria Pendragon outfit junshin no night dress product code
-MUG limited Edtion (e-capcom exclusive)

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Release Date : 2016
Availability : within 3 business days after the order is placed
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Max Quantity : 1 piece(s) per House Hold
Ref : 5476

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