Usage Guide : How to Order ?

  • Effortless Shopping has always been synonymous with PROXYRABBIT Japan. We want you to have the simplest, easiest buying experience possible !

    STEP 1

    Find and Choose your productions from our website directly.

    There's no need to create an account first. You automatically create an account when you place your first order at PROXYRABBIT JAPAN

    STEP 2

    Fill in your requested items' information via our contact forms Please fill in "Web Site URLs" and Product Information.

    Send your Requests

    If everything is OK, please send your requests. If you want to make any changes to an order or change your information, please contact us by email at : proxyrabbitjapan@gmail.com . A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.


    - please supply us with as much information as you have available for any requested item,
    - please enter valid URLs/links.
    - We do not ship to P.O. Boxes – please be sure to provide the actual street address for delivery orders submitted with P.O. Box for shipping address will not be processed.
    - PRJ cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders. If we do opt to reject your request, we will notify you by email.


    Please supply us with as much information as you have available for any requested item,
    - please enter valid auction links and / or auction ID.
    - We do require 12 hours notice before the end of the auction to make sure we have time to process your bids.
    - You cannot cancel your bid once it is placed.

    Confirmation of order :

    Once we have received your request we always send a notification including :
    - an itemized list of price, fees and costs associated with each item in the order,
    - your 1st payment / Deposit
    - our Terms and Conditions.

  • 1st payment / Deposit

    A deposit is required to secure your order.
    • 50% of the original cost of the item
    • 100% (full)
    Minimum deposit: 500 JPY

    That 1st payment / deposit amount includes the total cost of your item including domestic shipping. International Shipping fees, Service and other fees are calculated separately.

    Please do NOT send your payment directly. PROXYRABBIT Japan will send you payment Money Request via Stripe, Payoneer or Transferwise. Simply follow the instructions to complete your payment.

    Auctions :the current bid price + Domestic Delivery charges (Japan)
    If current bid price is not available : advance payment based on the opening bid price
    - If your auction is unsuccessful (sold or no bids), your deposit will be fully refunded within 24 hours
    - we do require 12 hours notice before the end of the auction to make sure we have time to process your bid!
    - you cannot cancel your bid once it is placed.
    You will receive an automated email confirming your order details.

    Please be noted, we are selling products at the same time in real store and website. Therefore products may have come to have been already sold when we received a inquiry. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    STEP 3

    Get a Free Shipping Quote !

    Once your orders are ready an e-mail will be sent to you confirming:

    - the availability of your items,
    - the details of your order,
    - shipping options and shipping costs.
    - the outstanding balance due

    For international shipping, our shipping rates are simply the rates provided by Japan Post.
    PRJ will send an invoice giving details of the exact price remaining to be paid.
    Your estimate valid for 5 days from date.

    Items are quoted in Japanese Yen (¥). Orders can be paid in Japanese Yen only.

    Shipping Options

    We offer a range of delivery and pickup options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.

    * (Registered) Surface : with tracking number . Packages generally arrive within 1-2 months.
    * International Postal Parcel / SAL : (a.k.a. Regular SAL) - with tracking number
    * International Postal Parcel / air mail : (a.k.a. Regular Airmail) - with tracking number
    * Registered Air mail : up to 2 kg / 90 cm - packages generally arrive within 15 days.
    * Registered SAL : up to 2 kg / 90 cm - shipments usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
    * EMS : the fastest, most reliable method. Packages generally arrive within 3 days.

    Registered SAL is no longer available for those countries : Australia / Denmark / Finland / Germany / Greenland / Hungary / Norway / Poland

    Please note that your shipping choices will depend on the item or items in your order. Simply, let us know your choice. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


    Typically your order will ship within 24 hours ( or 48 h  Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).
    Once it ships, you will receive an email with your tracking number.
    For further details, please consult our "SHIPPING POLICY" page :click here