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    Relaxed shopping with no pressure to buy

    PROXYRABBIT JAPAN is committed to providing you the best customer service and a pleasant shopping experience.
    We are here to assist you and promise to respond to your requests promptly and efficiently.
    1. Search or browse for the items you want to purchase.
    2. Use the order form to send auction links or auction ID and let us know maximum price you are willing to pay for that Item.
    3. We will reply within 24 hours and let you know total cost including all costs and detailed information on the item (condition, size, etc.).

    - Limit : 3 items per request
    - A minimum purchase of 500 JPY per item (i.e. item price or auction starting price) will be required to use our Services.
    - Service fee : 7 %
    - Transaction fees will be included on your final invoice . Please visit our related article here for further information
    - Handling fee : 300 JPY per package ready to ship.

    We cannot provide shipping quotes for order items as we do not know their final size or weight.
    Please read our Terms and Conditions here before placing your order.


Products excluded from the Service
  • 1. Artifacts
    2. Currency and Stamps
    3. Crude Oil
    4. Credit Cards
    5. Drugs & Associated Paraphernalia
    6. Ethnically or Racially Offensive Material
    7.Financial Services
    8.Firearms, Ammunition, Weapons, Explosives
    10.Tobacco Products
    11.Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals
    12.Government-Issued IDs, Licenses and Uniforms
    13.Hazardous Materials
    14.Human Parts and Remains
    15.Mailing Lists and Personal Information
  • 16.Medical and Healthcare Service
    17.Non-transferable Items
    18.Police-Related Items
    19.Pornographic Materials and Adult Products. Child pornography, adult videos or other materials of an obscene nature.
    20.Prescription Drugs and Devices
    21. Items whose transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries) 22.Replica and Counterfeit Items
    23.Circumvention Devices and Hacking Equipment
    24.Unauthorized Copies of Intellectual Property
    25.Veterinary Products and Drugs for Animals
    26.Wildlife and Animal Products


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    Japan Post offers a wide range of low-cost shipping options that do not require sacrificing quality of service

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  • How long does it take for my order to reach me?

    When your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a link to track your package:)

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