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  • Welcome to Isetan Shinjuku Store’s Fashion Museum!

    "Isetan Shinjuku Store considers food, clothing and shelter all as part of “fashion.” Our goal is to provide something new every day, as the department store with the highest sales in Japan. In the spring of 2013, we had set our goal to create the world’s greatest fashion museum and conducted a large-scale renovations to the women’s wear floor. Since then, we’ve had the attention of fashionistas around the world, so much so that apparently our store has become a must-see attraction for visitors to Tokyo. Our Park spaces are used to provide projects and promotional campaigns that are renewed constantly. Every visit, you will find a wealth of products and promotions that you can only experience right then. Find something new every day at Isetan." http://isetan.mistore.jp/store/shinjuku/foreign_customer/index.html

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    1. Search or browse ISETAN TOKYO (isetan.mistore.jp/onlinestore/) for the items you want to purchase
    2. Use the order form to send items URLs.
    3. We will reply within 24 hours and let you know total cost including all costs and detailed information on the items (condition, size, etc.).

    - Limit : 5 items per request
    - A minimum purchase amount of 300 JPY per item (i.e. item price) will be required to use our Services.
    - Service fee : 7 %
    - Transaction fees will be added to the final invoice . Please visit the PRJ fees page for further information.
    - Handling fee : 300 JPY per package ready to ship.

    We cannot provide shipping quotes for order items as we do not know their final size or weight.
    Please read our Terms and Conditions here before placing your order.
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How different is PROXYRABBIT JAPAN compared to others?

Service fee 7% of the total amount of your orders
Packaging and Handling fee 300 JPY per package ready to ship. find out more
Transaction Fee (currency exchange)
depends on the payment method you choose
- Payoneer / TransferWise : regular fee
- PayPal : regular fee + 0.75%. PRJ does not accept international payments by eCheck
- International Postal Money Order (IPMO) : FREE (0%)
Consolidation fee (optional) from 300 JPY - find out more ...
Bank Transfer FREE
Credit Card FREE
Cash on Delivery Actual cost
Convenience Store (Payment or Pick-up) FREE
Post Office (Payment or Pick-up) FREE
International Shipping Not Included
Combine Your orders and save up to 50% in international shipping compared to shipping packages individually from retailers.

We are here to assist you and promise to respond to your requests promptly and efficiently.